101 Things About Me!!!
2005-12-05 - 11:19 p.m.

Hiya peeps... I decided that one of the best ways to get to know a person is to ask them questions :D So, here are 101 random questions asked and answered... Hold on this might be a long one :D

1. Whats your birth name? Melissa Diane McCrary

2. Where were you born? Pheinox, Arizona

3. When is your Birthday? April 12, 1975

4. How old are you? Way to old, 30...

5. What is time? 7:43 am

6. What time zone do you live in? Central Standard

7. Where are you from? The great state of Texas !!!

8. What color are your? Let me just stop this one right here... If ya wanna know go look at my pictures... There is not reason to write it down on here. Now, lets get into the good stuff :D

9. What time do you wake in the morning? Way, way to early for me, now that I am out of the Army. I get up at about 6:45 am...

10. What's your favorite T.V. show? Hmmm, that is a good one... I think that my favorate T.V. show is the Angel. Though it is no longer on the air, I have the box sets all but the 5th and final season and can watch it anytime I want too :D

11. What is your favorate color? I can not be limited to one color because I have favorate color combinations... Black and Red and Black and Pink :D

12. What's almost always in your fridge? There is always coke or mountain dew in my fridge. I am a caffine addict!

13. Favorite restaurant/cafe/eatery? My fav place to eat is Kiku's Japanesse place... I love their habatchi... and plum wine... yum, yum...

14. Favorite's children's book? My fav childrens book is by Dr. Suess Oh, The Places You Will Go. Did you know he hated children? Intresting huh?

15. What is your favorite season and why? This one is a little more hard to answer because it use to be summer, but I have changed my mind. I do enjoy the springs in Texas more I think because it is still chilly but the sun is shining and it rains more in the spring time and I love the rain :D

16. If you have a tatoo/tatoos, what is it? I have two. I have a purple moon with blue stars and pink moonlight on my tummy and I have a black and hot pink sorta tribal butterfly on the small of my back.

17. If you have peircings, where are they? I have a belly button pericing and a tongue pericing, oh and my ears are done too. I had my lip, eyebrow, and nose done for awhile but took them out to get a job. Thinking about redoing my lip though.

18. How many credit cards do you have? I currently have two credit cards.

19. Can you dance? I guess that answer depends on who I am dancing with. You are only as good as your partner :D and I am pretty decent by myself, or atleast I use to be.

20. Do you speak a language other than English? I am learning to speak spanish in college right now, and I would love to learn latin sometime in the future.

21. Have you ever gotten a hole in one while golfing? A bullseye while playing darts? A strike while bowling? I don't golf, I love darts and yes I have gotten a bullseye, I love bowling and have gotten a few strikes here and there :D

22. Besides your bed, what's your favorite thing in your room? My big screen T.V and PS2 :D

23. Best part on a gal/guy? Eyes, it is always in the eyes :D

24. Favorite spot? I think that would be in South Carolina at the water fountain on a chilly night :D

25. The Number of countries visted? The would be three besides the United States (cause I live here of course).

26. Best country,why? Out of those that I have been too I would say Germany because it is so neat and clean :D

27. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? I would go to England, because I love those accents :D

28. If you could build your house anywhere on Earth, where would it be? Colorado Springs, Colorado

29. What's your favorite article of clothing?i.e jeans, tees, tanks, shoes That would be my corsets from Hot Topic :D I love Hot Topic :D

30. What's the last CD you bought? Maroon 5, Songs about Jane

31. What's your favorite movie of all time? Sweet Home Alabama, because in the end they finally realized that "they are made for each other, and why did they fight it?" Sorry, line from the movie..

32. What relaxes you? Getting rubbed on :D I like being rubbed on, it is very relaxing...

33.What's your favorite childhood memory? I think that would have to be of me getting my Uncle to go under our house to get my teddy bear in the middle of the night because I could not sleep without "Teddy"

34. What makes you laugh? I guess anything funny makes me laugh, ie. comedy's, jokes, funny mishaps, stories, sometimes thinking back to things in my past make me laugh too, and the internet...

35. What makes you really angry? Peeps who lie to me. I so hate being lied too. That is the worst thing in the world you can do to me cause I hate it.

36. Scariest moment of your life? When, my son Jalen was born 3 months premature. That was the scariest moment of my life. I was so scared he was going to be born dead or die right after birth.

37. What do you believe in the most? I guess I could say something kewl like myself, my friends, family, kids, etc., but I am just going to be honest. The thing I believe in the most is hope, because rather it comes true or not... you can always have hope until you die :(

38. Who was your first earthly love? I use to think this to be Lee Compeau but in the recent years I have come to understand that I didn't really love him, so now it is Daniel Ihnen.

39. What would you want people to know you as? A open and honest, very good friend.

40. What do you do behind closed doors? I write in my diary! Hehehe, thought it would be more exciting huh? The other things I do behind closed door I will leave to your imagination :D

41. Are you currently in love/infatuated with someone? LoL, OMG am I ever and have been for so long I forgot what it is like not to be. I will go down with this ship, I won't put my hands up and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door, I am in love and always will be!!!

42. What do you feel is your biggest flaw? My heart and that I fall in love and tend to stay in love (when truely in love)

43. What do you feel is your best quality? My heart and that I fall in love and tend to stay in love (when truely in love), hmmm where have I put that before? LoL

44. Do you have a childhood blankie or stuffed animal? I use to have "Teddy". I had him for 23 years before someone broke into my house and cut him up with a knife :( Other then that, I have a few things from when I was a child but not to many. I do have a new "teddy" that I have had since 1999 to replace the old one though, his name is Junior.

45. Who do you miss? SugerBear everyday of my life and more and more with each and every passing minute...Sigh...

46. Do you believe in true love? I guess deep in my heart I suppose I do. I mean what could possibley keep a person holding on to someone for over 6 years that they are no longer with?

47. How often do you post in your diary? Why? I try to post in my diary everyday. I suppose cause I always have something to say and I need a way to get it out. I have found out keeping it bottled up inside is not good for you...

48. Worst habit? Not doing my homework until the last minute. Like right now for example I have a outline due in a hour and a half and I am sitting here filling out this silly survey instead of doing my homework... LoL...

49. Worst car accident? I had a accident on the autobaun in Germany and totalled my brand new car I had only driven twice and lost one of the twins I was carrying at the time. I was in the hospital for 3 months and then on best rest until the baby was born.

50. Biggest turnons? eyeliner, height, puppy dog eyes, ticklish guys in bed, etc, etc, etc...

51. This might be a confusing one, but just answer all or whatever applies: What is your favorite/ most memorable/ strangest/ riskiest makeout/ sex/ hookup spot (as in location)? Favorate - In a hotel in South Carolina with roses all over the bed. That also hits as most memorable in my book as well. Strangest is behind a dumpster while I was on break at work. I worked at Denny's, and no he was not a stranger :P Riskiest was on the airplane over to Germany.

52. Some people are very picky about their pillows. Are you one of those people? You know I use to think not, but maybe in my old age that has changed cause now I don't like peeps messing with my pillow anymore.

53. You get the opportunity to live in another country for a year, all expenses paid. You can do whatever you want (chill, work, study, whatever), but you can't go home that whole time, though people can visit you. Do you take this opportunity? Yes- where would you go, what would you do? No- why not? Heck yeah I would take it. For sure... I would go to England and I would study abroad... learn what I could, enjoy my time there, hook up with some friends from online I have known for ages.

54. What's your favorite food from Thanksgiving (if you don't celebrate Turkey Day, use ChristmasHanukkahKwanzaSolstice Day) What are you trying to say I am fat??? J/K...Pumpkin Pie :D

55. Do you have a special ring tone on your cell? If you don't have a cell, would you have a ring tone if you did? Yes, I have a special ring tone on my phone.. It is I don't wanna be by Gavin Degraw.

56. What is the one item missing from your wardrobe that would complete your "identity"? More really awesome outfits from Hot Topics... More spcifically a good charolette t-shirt and a really long hot gothic dress...

57. Make a serious wish (ie... not for money) I wish I could go back in time and redo the part of my life where I messed it all up and then things would be so different...

58. If you could close your eyes and be transported anywhere, where would you go? Hawaii, and I don't think it needs a explination.

59. Have you ever shoplifted? what did you take? I have as a child and I took candy, what else is there when you are a child..lol..

60. Given the choice, would you rather stake your life on your ability to quickly solve a complex mathematical equation, or attempt to fight/escape from a large grizzly bear? Why? I would take my chances with the bear :P because I am better with animals then math silly...

61. You are able to get away with murder once, and only once. Who, if anyone, do you kill? I still would not kill anyone, cause I would have to live with it, and I know I would not be able to live with it...

62. Who was your favorite teacher in high school? Why? Mr. Nance, my 9th grade english teacher, and because he inspired me, challanged me, made me love writing, and taught me I can be who I really am on paper, if nowhere else.

63. What are you carrying on your person -- in your pockets, purse, et cetera -- right now? I have a carebear watch on and my red bathrobe, oh and my skull ring on my right pointer fingur.

64. You've just entered a contest in which the prize is an MP3 player loaded with the complete, exhaustive recorded output of any artist you choose. You win. Who do you choose? I choose Evanesance, because their music touches my soul, and describes the mood that I am so often in.

65. What is sexy? Sexy is hard to describe because it is different for each different person, it can be a look, a touch, a smell, a thought, sexy can be anything.

66. Do you buy into that soulmate/true love crap? Yes, I do but I don't buy that it is for me individually because I know mine already got away and now I live a tortured exsistance missing him. So, advice to those out there... There really is only one... Trust me...

67. Are you happy? When I am sleeping:D or late at night for a breif moment every once in awhile in my life when I am on the computer in MSN...

68. Whats the point? Duh, so you can get to know me better :P What you don't want me to continue??? Well, to freakin bad :P hahaha

69. Happiness is my....... my ability to be able to put a mask over my face and pretend that I am not drowning in a ocean of regrets.

70. Does cussing bother you? Oh, bleeping please, I bleeping cuss all the bleeding time. I think bleep that my bleeping brain does not bleeping know any other bleeping words...

71. My number one band for today is..... Good Charolette, no wait Thrice, no wait The Fall Out Boys, no wait My Chemical Romance, are you bleeping insane asking me what my favorate bleeping band is for today... OMG... how the bleep and I suppose to bleeping chose just one bleeping band?

72. Money is.... The only thing left in my life to strive for

73. What song/artist currently exemplifies your mood? I think that today that artist would be Dido... White Flag, or Kelly Clarkson... Because of You...

Now for some questions about what I prefer :D Hugz
74. Whats better the right one or the most Convenient? The right one though I tend to end up taking the most convenient road as most peeps do...

75. Drugs or drugfree? which ones. Omg, I am hooked on the best drug out there : CAFFEINE!!!

76. Dog or Cat? This is a easy one of course... It is dog all the way :D

77. Do you prefer to phone or text someone? I guess this would all depend on who I am talking too, and where I am at the time. So, it doesn't really matter to me, unless I do not like the person and then I would rather text.

78. Big cities or small towns? They both have there ups and downs but I think I prefer bigger cities to smaller towns. I get bored easy now adays...

79. What do you beleive in more out of ghosts and aliens? I believe in ghosts more :D

80. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? You have got to be joking right? Lord of the Rings... 100%... Those two can not even be put in the same catergory... (okay so I am only saying that cause I like them both and it is not fair to make one choose)

81. Would you prefer to live in an apartment or a condo? I would rather live in a condo... Yup, a condo :D

82. Do you like your trees dead or alive? I like my trees alive in the winter without leaves :P

83. Bridges over a highway or over water? Over water most surely.

84. Do you like driving 25 miles per hour or 75 miles per hour better? I like driving faster better then slower so I would say 75 mph.

85. Fireworks or lightning? I like lightning better. Once you have seen fireworks they are pretty yeah but they are all really just about the same :D

86. Flip phones or non-flip phones? Flip phones... they totally rock :D

87. Is a glass half empty or half full? The glass is half empty

88. Do you say tomato? tom-a-to or to-may-to? To-may-to

89. Is it harder to think of a cool joke or cool card game? A cool joke....

90. What is scariest out of wasps, the dark, or heights? Heights... I am so tall I scare myself when I look down :D

91. Giving or receiving? Giving all the way....

92. Fame or fortune? Fame?

93. Would you rather be blind or deaf? I would rather be blind...

94. Xmas Eve or New Years Eve? New Years Eve

95. Book or movie? Book!!!

96. Wire or plastic hangers? Plasitc hangers

97. Ireland or Maryland? Ireland

98. What's the better invention: the cell phone, the mp3 player, or the Tivo? Cell phone

99. Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible? Be invisible

100. Sell out or buy in? Buy in

101. What is important to you? Life, Love, and Happiness... but most of all to just be me again :D

Well, that is it peeps... 101 questions asked and answered by me... Hope you enjoyed it and it gave you some insites into my soul... but now it is time to go work on other parts of my diary...
Hugz ~Tearz~

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