Some pics of tats :D
2007-03-10 - 11:25 p.m.

Hey peeps... well as I promised some pics of tats :D I am going to post OGRE and then also my soon to be ex hubbys tat USMC :D It was his first and he looks all to happy wow I wish it didnt hurt me that much :( Ogre is killin me ... still... :(

This is my new bad ass tat OGRE :D What do you all think? I really love it :D

Here is Randy getting his first tat and yes he is totally wasted... I wish I were as lucky I have never gotten a tat wasted :(

Well here is the hot marine on his way back to IRAQ for 6 more months showing off his new tat :D

So I thought I would leave you a pic or two of some tats :D and Show off my Ogre and Randys USMC tat... he was been regretting not getting it for 10 years now so he was excited to get it finally :D I am happy for him I already have three... I pretty much get one when I want it :D hehehe... Which is about ever 4 years ... just enough time to get over the darn pain of it all lol.... my next one is pretty tight... you all wanna see ummmmmmm ok give me a sec to download it :D hehehe

This is the tat I want next... I think this is so kewl... any suggestions on where to put this tat... now remember I am getting huge wings on my back sooner or later :D So this is going to have to find a home somewhere it wont mess up my back wings :D

I think that is the kewlest :D hehehe... well I am going to go for now... Remind me to tell you all about my best friend :D He is home with his father who was suppose to die but is doing way better at this time :D Whew ....

Hugz, Velvet Tearz :D

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